I examine the epistemology of biology through the realm of visual art, understanding the world not only through the narratives of humans but also non-human species. I engage in interdisciplinary research bridging the gap between art and biology. Together with Dr. Jindrich Brejcha, a researcher in biology, I co-founded the Transparent Eyeball platform. Through symposiums and exhibitions with biologists and artists, we explore how aesthetics can be related to and understood as a part of evolution. More on www.transparenteyeball.net

Life Discussions
Interdisciplinary research conference on intersection of art and biology: Beauty as biological concept
Centre for Contemporary Art Prague
March 2022

Interdisciplinary symposium
Architecture, anthropology, biology, curating, artmaking.
Human perception and it’s imprint in the environement.
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
December 2022

Niche construction
Interdisciplinary exhibition, a dialog between biologists and artist
NOD, Prague, Czech Republic
July - September 2023