In collections of FRAC Occitanie Montpellier and collection Marc et Josée Gensollen, Marseille

In Slap, the artist had himself beaten several times by an anonymous person. A hand emerges in front of the camera and slaps the face of the artist. This “punishment" is repeated ad libitum, without any resistance from the victim. Every slap sends into the air an ephemeral cloud of white powder. The same scene is being endlessly repeated with each slap being slightly different from the other. The ephemeral cloud of white powder evokes the confrontation between the artist and the reality, the essence of the very process of artistic creation. Vackar works the evil part of man, he acts the role of capable. The work Slap is one of the Vackar’s “ephemeral” works, where he uses the white powder as a symbol of ephemeral moment, a short precious instant in the endless continuity of time.

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