Shampoo poems

Ça&Là, exhibition held at Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, Paris 
2012, installation with posters, each 70x100cm

Used substances, reprinted on the packages and known for their ability to penetrate into the “cellular structure of our epidermis”, become yet another topic scrutinized by Adam Vačkář. Texts including names of chemical substances, inherent in industrially manufactured shampoos have been “poured” into the virtual generator of dada poetry, resulting in poems comparable to anarchy on a molecular level. Through actualization of Dadaistic openness in relation to “objective chance”, the author not only confutes order from its informational dysfunction, but through the use of technology, he shifts the Dadaistic premises of nonsense further. Through the verbal instrumentality of chemical substances, which were reproduced through the form of posters, Vačkář forms a connection between the space of the exhibition and the public domain.