Concerto for a shotgun

Exhibition views from Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland

In collection of Time Capsule Collection, Zurich, Switzeland

Concerto for a shotgun reveals almost absurd, poetical situation. Blank music scores were shot upon by a shotgun in order to create partitions for random music, which reflects directly the brutality of the real. All together nine partitions are attached next to each other in three rows creating larger ʻconcertoʻ display. The plexiglass box contains a low-tech wooden background with nine paper partitions for music penetrated by shotgun bullets. The partitions are put closely one to each other in order to create a larger waving texture. The contrast of opposing phenomena in this work - creative music and destruction of weapons was triggered by a real, personal story of the artist. One of his grandfather’s was a famous Czech classical music composer and the other grandfather an army general, who fought in the 2nd world war together with the former Czech president Svoboda and became later the chief of military cabinet of the president.

2012, music scores, wood, plexibox, 130x180x10cm