There Is a Sense of Being
Ponec Dance Theatre, Prague
Visual conception and set design: Adam Vačkář
Choreography: Tereza Lenerová
Performers: Edita Antalová, Jitka Čechová, Eva Rezová
Dramaturgy: Jan Horák
Music: Natálie Pleváková
Light Design: Jan Hugo Hejzlar
Production: Tanec Praha / PONEC - dance venue

The extension of the wooden branches on the limbs is the starting point of a possible story of human existence. It can be understood as a connection between humankind and unspoiled nature, as something life-giving and simultaneously restrictive and even frightening. That we exist is something we learn to realize; what we look like is something we learn to accept.
There Is a Sense of Being allows us to delve into the darkest layers of our own existence, to discover archetypes and wild animality, so that we can then throw them away with a single gesture and set the mask of civilization as the convention of human existence. If we know nothing at the beginning, then at the end, when these extensions are no longer part of the human body, we already know "everything". The fact that we can name things, however, is not a victory for civilization, but rather a resignation to our own freedom.